How to Add a Code to Catster

Once you have the code you need, it's time to add it to your Catster account.

Step 1

From anywhere on Catster, click on the 'My Account' account button screenshot

Then click on 'Modify biography & traits'.

account sceenshot

-OR- We now have a drop down menu on our pet profiles which makes it even easier to update our pages. From right on your page, select 'edit profile' from the menu.

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the 'Extra bio fields' section. There is one field for regular Catsters and eight fields for plus subscribers.

biofield screenshot

plus biofield screenshot

Step 3

Paste your code(s) into the Body section.

example of where to put the code

If you do not put in a value for the height, it will automatically be 300 pixels high by default.

Advice from Catster:

The Height value controls how much vertical space to alot each field. (Note fields only containing written words do not need or use the height value.) Suggestions for setting the right height:

* For very small items try 50
* If you know the item's height add 30 to it
* For a video, and slideshows try 300 to 400
* For large items or many is a row try over 500


For the field name box: we used to have to put something there or else our code would disappear. That isn't the case at the time of this writing, so perhaps no more worries about codes disappearing if we forget to put in a title. It's still a good idea to name it so that it's easier to keep track of where your codes are.

Step 4

The final step is to simply click on the 'submit your changes' button at the very bottom of the page.

submit button screenshot

Be sure to check your page and make certain that everything is working correctly.

Two codes in one field

Catster recommends that you use a different bio field for each widget so that they don't interfere with each other. If you are not a plus member & only have 1 field, you can try using your field for more than one thing, perhaps a background and a falling object script or some music. Just be sure to check your page & delete something if it's not working out. This will only work if both codes are rather short, we have a 500 character limit per bio field. Update - February 2007: There's not a character limit at the moment as far as I can tell for both Plus members & regular members.

To add a code to a bio field that already has a code, you'll want to get to the very end of your first code in the body part of your bio field. Use your down arrow key & be very careful that your cursor is at the very end of the code. Then paste in your 2nd code. Alternatively you can paste it in at the very begining. You can add a space between them or even hit the enter key for a whole line of whitespace between them, but you don't have to do so. Having the extra space will simply make it easier to see where one code stops and the other starts. The returns will not actually show up on your page. To get that effect on your page try <br> (that's html for line break - use at least 2: <br><br> for a line of space)

This page was last updated February 10, 2007. This page will be updated again if things change at Catster.