Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me some custom falling objects?

Maybe. I have a forum where you can post your ideas or requests and perhaps somekitty will be able to help you out.

Why did you make this site?

I started it just for me as an easy way to look up codes I used on Catster fairly often so I wouldn't have to search for them anymore. But it doesn't really hurt anything to share with my kitty & doggy pals.

Will this stuff work on places other than Catster?

Most of the things at Catster Codes will work anywhere. The falling object scripts are edited to fit our pet pages, used on other pages they won't take up the whole screen.

Will the falling objects slow down my page?

That depends on your computer or the computers of those viewing your page. I test everything using a dial-up connection on my 8 year old computer. It's an hp with 192 MB of RAM. The falling objects fall more slowly than on newer computers with more memory, but it doesn't crash my browsers (IE 6.0 and Firefox 2.0). I also test on a 6 year old hp laptop that has 256 MB of RAM using IE, Firefox, & Opera browsers. For comparison, new pc's usually have 1G of RAM (1000 MB) or more.

The folks at Catster & Dogster don't mind us using the scripts, in fact I've seen several Cats of the Week that were using falling object scripts.

Who hosts you site?

I pay for webhosting & am currently with PowWeb. I've used them to host for over 2 years now and I like them quite a lot, they offer tons of bandwidth at a very reasonable price.