How to Insert a Link

Sharing is fun!

Here's the code to use if you want to share a cool site with your Catster friends:

<a href="">Check out this cool site!</a>

You can type this in a pawmail or in your diary or in the forums. On Catster it will sometimes automatically open in a new window. If you want to be certain it opens in a new window or if you wanted to use this code somewhere other than Catster & still have it open in a new window, then use:

<a href="" target="_blank">Check out this cool site!</a>

For example, let's show the code if you wanted to tell someone on Catster about the site ''. To write:

I found a great background at!

You would type:

I found a great background at <a href=""></a>!


Thanks to Benjamin for suggesting we add the insert a link code to 'Catster Codes'.