Rosettes with Images

The code format

  • Have you seen those cool rosettes with images in them?

  • Here's the basic code*:

<img src="">

  • It's just like adding an image to your profile page via your bio field. Just replace the url of your image in the above code. That's the web address of the image, the part between http://....and.....gif

  • You can even turn the image into a link:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>

  • You could surround it with a bit of text. For instance:

  • Put your code into the 'gift message' section when you give a rosette.

* the image used in these examples says happy valentine's day.

More Tips

  • If you can, it's good to use an image that you have on your own server space so you can be certain that it's not going to be deleted. Bandwidth & hotlinking are other issues as well, but if you put it on your profile page, it should be fine for your Rosettes too.
  • We only have 255 characters max to work with, so be careful not to go over that.
  • You can use images from too! Just use the 2nd code listed at photobucket. (run a search to find the images)
  • When you want to add text to a rosette along with an image, try to limit the message to 2 lines. After you have the text written, press space bar once, and then submit the code for the image.
  • If you know a bit about html, you can change the font colors & even resize a pic if it's too big.
  • Both plus members and regular Catsters can put images in their rosettes.

Many thanks to Boogers, Rocky Ann, Chewbacca, Icebox, & Eve for these tips. I hope I didn't forget anyone!